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55 Years of Serving
the underserved

We are dedicated to increase financial access of every Filipino nationwide, now and in the decades to come.

Who We Are

Our goal is to help individuals, small, and medium-sized business owners optimize their potential and achieve growth
through providing alternative sources of funding. Whether it’s investing in a business, paying for tuition, or going on a dream vacation,
the financial freedom is yours. We’re here to help you take the next step


A seasoned non-bank financial institution
providing financial services primarily to the
underserved credit market.

We strive to grow our business and maximize shareholder value by providing innovative products, managing risks, and achieving operational efficiencies.


To be a significant player in the financial
services industry in the ASEAN region
serving Filipinos wherever they are.

We are recognized for transparency and fairness in the way we deal with our stakeholders.

We provide affordable credit to the underserved guided by best-in-class management systems and leading practices. We lead a motivated, competent and professional workforce.

How We Started

Established in 1964, Radiowealth Finance Company (RFC) grew as on of the country’s pillars
in the financing industry as the first company to offer car and appliance loans to Filipino households.


Domingo Guevara
established DMG, Inc.​

It was involved in the assembly of
Volkswagen Beetle cars


The Sakbayan
was manufactured

The sakbayan was the Philippines'
pioneering utility vehicle

The Sakbayan was manufactured
The company was temporarily stopped during the Martial Law


The company was
temporarily stopped
during the Martial Law

Adverse business conditions during
the Martial Law years forced the company to
temporarily stop operations and close shop


DMG resumed
operations in full force

With the change of government and a
promising business climate, DMG
revitalized the company and returned
operations in full force

DMG resumed operations in full force
RFC was authorized to operate as a finance company


RFC was authorized to
operate as a finance

The Securities and Exchange Commission
(SEC) granted RFC the authority to operate
as a finance company.


The growth of RFC

RFC has 1500 employees, 126 branches,
and 86 business centers.

The growth of RFC

Our Milestones

What started as a radio and car manufacturer has become an established loans solutions provider in the country. Our growth and expansion is a testament to the Filipino entrepreneurial virtue of hard work, patience, and perseverance.