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Why RFC?

For over 55 years, Radiowealth Finance Corporation has been working to provide financial access to every Filipino

Whether you’re starting a new business or getting a personal loan, RFC has simplified the steps and made borrowing a lot easier and accessible!

We offer loan products that resonates your unique needs.

Why RFC?
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Business Loans

RFC supports Filipino entrepreneur by providing
flexible Business Loans. We help your
business dreams take off


Whether it's bill payment, emergency fund, or
simply extra money for a celebration, getting
cash is easy
with our Multi-Purpose Loan


Make your dream happen and go to the
next level. Get your finances and set up
your budget for acceleration

How it Works

We’ll help you get there easily
Apply and get cash in
three easy step


and fill out the online
form and submit
necessary documents.


Our team will verify
your submitted
documents and process
your application


You're done!
You can now choose where you want to receive your cash

Who is Eligible

The following are your eligibility requirements:

  • Filipino citizen within 21 to 64 yrs old
  • Minimum of 10,000 monthly income
  • Proof of Residency atleast 12 months
  • Proof of income, If employed, you should be connected to your employer at least six (6) months
  • For Professional or Self-employed, You should have been in the profession for at least one (1) year and your business have been operational and profitable for one (1) years
  • Good character and reputation
Your#EasyAccess to Grow Your Business

#EasyAccess to Start, Grow and Expand Your Business

Our goal is to help the small and medium-sized business owners optimize potential and achieve major growth through alternative sources of funding